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Barry R Irving aka Dean Story Master

Studio Artist / Educator / Percussionist 
 BFA  Painting / Syracuse University Class of 2007
Recipient of the 2006 Iris Perez Celis Award For Painting 

(C) Neo Afro  /  Afroneo   Arts

My Foundations in Art Education include Advertising, illustration, Drawing, Painting and Realism from the Black Arts Traditions

Studio Art is my passion. I create for my satisfaction and for my NYC Bred Culture. I have the full Artists orientation and have had some important showings... still, I have never used my Art as a commodity. I found a way to market my skills and certain aspects of my studio work so that I have 50+ years with Art and Art related experiences as my primary means of support. That is important because to fully develop an Art resource requires much personal research, mentoring, seeing the Great Art Creations and understanding the deeper underlying principles of Ats as a Philosophy or Way of Seeing.

I call my Life timeWork (C) Neo Afro / Afroneo. My BFA Degree in Painting ( Neo Expressionism ) is my only degree. 

MOM   1973 /  Acrylic on Burlap

In African American / Black Art, these principles of Genre have not been invented or developed for what we understand as BLACK ART. So Black "VISUAL" Art is a Genre that is defined as an aspect of Americana  Arts and Culture.  I began to refine my various themes and descriptions to recognize that I had the makings of a Genre. To be referential...

Neo meaning recent, revised, up dated, modified

Afro meaning of African Origin = Ancestry

(C) Afroneo - the vernacular rhythm = African derived / based language

 What is ART?

Foundations of Form  /  Acrylic & Collage on Stretch Board  2007

Black Art reflects the Black Experience and is usually founded in Portraiture, Realism and or African Motif. Black Art however does not reflect the same sociology of Americana Art Movements specifically because in many cases, Art is seen as a Folkloric pass time...a reflection of self and it also has a rebel / protest side that reflects the culture. The Notion of 

"Self Taught" is also a feature of African American Artists...which reflects the notion of Cultural purity in contrast to the feeling that African Americans are somehow brain washed by education. 

Many see the fine Arts world as "The Game". I consider that to be part of a Inner Cultural Pop Narrative. It has a purpose, but the emphasis on Finance is what skewers the reality of Educational Knowledge of the field of Fine Art and Fine Art Business.

 You need education in the professional practices of Art and Self Promotion to succeed.  I consider myself to be part of the "Progressive" Neo Abstractionist Expressionist Movement because I was operating in NYC as a Street Artist during the rise of

 Neo Expressionism. We took all influences and created a new Language of Abstraction.

Story Master Classics

Established 1989 / 90 on the Streets of NYC's East and West Greenwich Village
And the Metropolitan Museum of Art Plaza  / Central Park...

(C) Afro Neo / Afroneo Diaspora Arts

The Ultimate Club and Street Gear

...for inquiries email storymaster[email protected] or message me on Face Book @ Barry R. Irving

Designer Thrift Shop

Established 2015

The  Hottest  Club   Dresses  and   Jumpsuits   in   Syracuse

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Pink or White Lace Back Romper / Small - XLG  

Fine Mesh  Romper / Wrap around Sash Top / Large


Lace Back Romper

Only 1 Available - Large

Only 1 Available

2 Piece Jump Suit / One Size - Med  - Lg 

Black & White   Print Jump Suit   Small - X Lg

Lace Front Cat Suit / Size Medium / 1 only

Plus Sized Jump Suits and Cat Suits up to 2 X large

Spandex, Mesh & Fishnet Cut Out Cat Suits

From 1 Pc Small to all Size up to 1X large

(C) Story Master Classics 

(C) Neo Afro Folkloric / Afroneo

(C) Straight From N. Y. C. Collection 

Dynamic Club and Street Gear

Spandex and Mesh Jump Suit / Actual Suit Above Right 

* Double Knit Spandex 

Lace and Spandex Jump Suit / Small - X Large

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Double Breasted Romper / Small - XLG / not all sizes available in each color

Lavender Lace Romper / Small - X Large

Cool Whites

Lace Romper w Full Lined Skirt

Small - X Large

White Asymmetrical Criss Cross Mini Dress / Small - X Large

Hand Painted Tank Top Maxi Dress

Criss Cross Top Small - X Lg

Cut Out Jump suit / Small - XLG ?

Asymetrical Tank Top Dress Small - XLg

Sheer Maxi Beach dress - Small - XLG

Body'Con Minis      Go'in Clubb'in?

Halter Top Bandage Club Mini  / Small - X Large

Deep V Neck Lace Club Mini     Small - X Large

Faux Leather   & Spandex   Patch Work Mini

Small & Medium Available

B & W Halter Top Maxi 
 Only 1 each Small - X Large

Sexy Style

Cool Comfort

Spandex  & Mesh  Club Dress   One Size - Med / Large

Only 1 - Plus Sized - Red Club Dress 1X Large / 2 X Large

White / Sml - XLarge

 Black / Sml - XLarge

Only 1 - Black Club Dress

X Large 

Cool   Plus Sized   Whites

Only One / Plus Size - 2XL

Only One / Plus Size - 2XL

Only One / Plus Size - 2XL 

More to come, Hundreds Available

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Sraight From NYC Series /  Story Master Classics

Hand Painted Jump Suits

Medium Hand Painted Jump Suit / Above
Large and Small Below


Small Hand Painted Jump Suit

Large Hand Painted Jump Suit