Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
(C) Awo

Community Folk Arts Central... Art  Moves!


Adult Disposable 

......................Washable Face Masks.........................

Cloth Masks - Thick and Medium

Winter Cloth Masks with Ventilator

Foam Masks With Ventilators

Original Hand Painted Designs


by Barry R. Irving aka Dean Story Master

Hand  Painted

KN 95   Face   Masks

Washable / One of a Kind

Large Variety

Contact 315 956 8204
[email protected]

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Disposable  /  Washable

Adult   Face   Masks

$100  each

Deluxe Face Mask with Ventilators
& 2 PM 2.5 Filters
 Ear Loop and Neck Strap
Only One Black Mask Left 50% off - $10.00

Mouth and Nose Cup Respirator

... "gives you room to breathe"

and makes mask fit more snug...

( Fits most Masks ) 

50 cent ea.

Minimum 2 pcs Purchase

Changes a Disposable / Washable Mask into a 3D Mask just slip it inside over your nose and mouth...

$1.00 Adult Sets

dult Insulated Winter Mask
with Ventilator & Adjustable Ear Loops

Can be worn with a single or double 

PM 2.5 Filter - 2 filters included

13 piece "Summer White" Set

3 Mattan 100% Cotton "Full Face" Face Masks

10 Pack of Fitted PM 2.5 Filters

"Double Up" this Summer for "Safety"

Washable  Cloth   Masks

Print  and  Solid  Color
 .........Washable  /  Disposable   Masks .........

$1.00  ea. /  6  for  $5

Hand  Painted  Face  Masks

$5.00  - $20. 00   each