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Barry R Irving aka Dean Story Master

Studio Artist / Educator / Percussionist 
 BFA  Painting / Syracuse University Class of 2007 

...for inquiries email storymaster[email protected] or message me on Face Book @ Barry R. Irving

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Designer Thrift Shop

Established 2015

The  Hottest  Club   Dresses  and   Jumpsuits   in   Syracuse

Designer Thrift Shop Favorites @ Special Discount Prices

Black 1XL - Spandex
Blue 2XL and White 3XL - Fleece Lined

Black & White Print Jump Suit / Small - XLG

One Available / One size - M / L
ask about other styles

For Prices and other Styles message me @

Barry R Irving on Face book

/ Cold Weather

Fleece   lined  Hoodies  and  Tops
$10 ea  ...  2  for  $16

Hoodies are Small - Medium  / One size
also comes in Brown, Black, Gray,
Burgundy & Dark Blue
Tops are One Size ( "Body Con" )
Small / Medium & Medium Large  

Ask  about 
Ready    Made   and    Custom  Cut  Denim

 Ann Taylor Loft Size 0 ( Petite ) $20.00
Blue, Black, & Colors 

Custom  Denim  specialties

All Seam Detailed Denim Jacket
XL / $500.00 ABOVE

Jackets and Vests & Jeans / Hand Painted / Washable Bleached & or Cut Denim

Some Designs are Sold Out...

ALL "NEW" CLOTHING ONSITE...various sizes left...Small - X Large
USA only Priority Mail Shipping $7. 25 -$12.80 depending on bulk

5   for   $20

"MOST" Items on video are available...Tops and Leggings are as listed onsite...
Jump suits and Cat suits are 50% to 75% Off...

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5 for $20 Items are the Fleece Lined Regular and Skinny Leggings and some Tops & Dresses
French Terry, Faux Leather, Heavy Fleece Lined, Fur Lined, Joggers and Slacks are 2 for $15


2 for $35 Pictured (Many More ) Small / Med on Left...Small - XLG on Right

Come see my 55 Gallon Bin of Jump Suits and Cat Suits. Stop By and Dig in the Treasure Chest

Capri or Full Leg Suits 
Romper $10 Small - X LG

Plus Sized / Scoop Back, Tank Top Cat Suits W / Full Leg Length
Colors - Burgundy, Green, White, Red, Black
3 for $20

Single (Tops) Pieces $10...2 for $15 ...5 for $20 Leggings ... Fleece Tops in 8 Colors
Black, Brown, White, Gold, Dk Navy, Gray, Tourquoise & Fuscia
2 Sizes...Smal / Med and Lg / XL 

Full Length Purple Fleece Lined Leggings - under...
Pink & Blue Shiny Liquid Leggings, Calf Length
5 for $20

>>> Faux Leather / "Heavy" + Sized  Fleece, French Terry and
Fur Lined Leggings and Joggers are 2 For $15




...................... Eclectic Style ......................

One Size ( M - L ) Flexible Style Club Mini or Midi ( Movable Sash )

Small Patchwork Minis ( Center Midi Length ) $20 each or 2 for $30

Large  /  Heavy Spandex

Dean Story Master

I am a Retired Professional Artist / Educator currently in a private studio practice and documenting 49 years of work. All works featured are part of my private collection and professional body of work that encompasses a field onf multi disciplinary activity and creations since I began my professional work in 1970 upon graduating from the HS of Art and Design, NYC
* In my time I have created and worked in most all of the core Art and Design Fields in traditional Fine Arts, Literature Architecture, Drawing Painting and Sculpture, Fashion Design & more... 

Gramps and Nadiya @ City Market /  Armory Square Down Town Syracuse July 2017

Sraight From NYC Series /  Story Master Classics

...ask about price of 3D Art...

Hand Painted Jump Suits

Medium Hand Painted Jump Suit

for more info - [email protected]

Small Hand Painted Jump Suit

Large Hand Painted Jump Suit

This is my NYC Street Art Style of Painting. Straight Free Style painting with a squeeze bottle. Like Drawing with paint. All lines double painted with a dot beaded combination of glitter, pearlescent / metallic or solid color. This creates the dimension and look of Traditional Yoruba, W. African Bead Work. I started selling my Wearable Art in the East Village, W. 4th Street Area and Broadway or over on 6th Ave between W. 4th and W 8th Streets. With painting on Fabric, I was able to fully develop my visual painting language.
I met the buyer of the now defunct Unique Clothing Warehouse ( on Broadway near W. 4th St ) From the street I got a 10 minute meeting to show some samples. I walked away with a 90 pc Design contract for Ladies Spandex Crop Tops, Shorts and Capris. The UCW is the place where Early Rap and Funk / Soul Artists started a trend of Air Brushed, Blinged Out Jackets.
I don't do Air brush although it is in my early Art School Training at the HS of Art and Design where I majored in Advertising and Illustration.
Air Brush was then a Major Corporate Ad Medium that was replaced by Photo Shop and other Didital / Graphic Innovations.
I designed a "Funky Broadway" logo and free style painted it on most pieces...I didn't do a lot of Spandex on the Streets. My Specialty was T-Shirts and Jackets. I produced both Garments with designs and 3D Paintings which are using the garment as a canvas and painting it regardless of the wearable aspect. It still turns out wearable, but some are definitely not general use. Those have been worn to NYC Art Parties and Gala Halloween Parties where you are not sitting but showing off.
These pieces have a long life...many of my personal pieces are 8 - 15 years old and counting.

Hand Painted / Machine Washable / Long Lasting Denim Lace Front Jump Suits Small - XL

Hundreds of Production /art Works at Discount Prices for Art Wholesalers
Other than what is pictured here...

"Serious" inquiries only for multiple piece sales or viewing. Works are stored

Straight From N.Y.C. Series
... by Dean Story Master

Hundreds of Fine Art Pieces for This series.
( Commercial ) Experimental Production Works / email for inquiry

original C.L.A.N.D.O.U. rhythm

In 1996 &1997, my company Original Clandou Rhythm - Drums of Distinction earned the distinction of being listed among the Top US and International Custom Drum Makers
in Rhythm Music and Modern Drummer Industry Trade Magazines.

The 90's was Hot for Hand Drumming Globally.

Rhythm Music was a Roots Trade Mag, so they liked my Traditional African Hand Drums while Modern Drummer the Older Modern Music Percussion Mag liked my African Set Drums which were old Rogers Bass and Snare Drum Shells with a Mali Weave "Strung" Tuning system rather than the modern mechanical metal crank tuning. I won a quarter page color spread that went around the world getting me international inquiries. 

These "Celts"/ Thunder Stones are Ceramic drums inspired by my original set made in 1998. Two other Artists made the Shells for those drums and  did an elaborate stringing system.

These Ceramic Drums posted here are from my Award Winning Junior / Senior Collection of 60 paintings and about 650 Ceramic works. This is my venture into stick played drums for studio recording which I have always geared my experimental practice towards while I also produced Hand Drums for Performance and study of traditional voices from the West African / Caribbean / So. & Central American Spectrum of Diaspora Rhythm.

...I teach all of it...

[email protected] or message me @ Barry R Irving on FB / Friend me up! / Follow ME!

Leader in Capital District, NY Drum Education
1985 - 2004
All Styles, Exploration and Vocational Training

Iya   ilu  Bata

Awo Ayan...The Owner of Education who Guides you
"Sawoo >>> Ibu Awaye"

Carrying Tradition Forward to the next Generation...

Custom "No Hoop" Drum Heads - Cow, Goat, Calf, Stingray. Single or multiple Strand Weave...

Ako Dun Academy / Original Clandou offers all kinds of Educational programs including craft...
I have a wide variety of resources for obtaining hides. I also custm make Drum hoops...

... AWO! ...


Drums of Distinction

contact: [email protected]