The Art of Dean Story Master
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I come from a line of African American Artists who are Teachers
and "Custodians of Culture"...
Our daily work is to add to the continuing generational foundation
of Arts and Culture in the Harlem Black Arts Tradition
and Diaspora Arts and culture around the World

...every day we create history and continue the Folkloric Narrative
of the Diaspora Arts Traditions. Artist without a body of Work has a "Title"
with a body of work we have a "Practice"
a LEGACY!...

I am a Retired Professional Artist / Educator currently in a private studio practice and documenting 49 years of work. All works featured are part of my private collection and professional body of work that encompasses a field on multi disciplinary activity and creations since I began my professional work in 1970 upon graduating from the HS of Art and Design, NYC
* In my time I have created and worked in most all of the core Art and Design Fields in traditional Fine Arts, Literature Architecture, Drawing Painting and Sculpture, Fashion Design & more... 

  The Art of Barry R. Irving

Barry R.Irving aka
Dean Story Master...
Multi Disciplinary Visual Artist
Educator / Facilitator
B.F.A. Studio Arts - Syracuse University 
[email protected]

"Straight From N.Y.C."

Story Master Classics

Hand Painted

 Jump Suits

Ceramic Vessels and Sculpture

Story Master Collection...Major Paintings

"Okanna" 2005
Acrylic on Stretch Paper
aprox 40x 48 inches

(4' x 4') one of 60 paintings in my B.F.A. Senior Collection 2007
Iris Perez Celis Award Winner 2006
Syracuse University Department of Painting ( V.P.A. )

 Story Master 
Hand Painted Mini Collection

(C) Dean Story Master 2017

(C) Dean Story Master 2017

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( C) Dean Story Master 20127

(C) Dean Story Master 20127