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...Back to Basquiat is one of many experimental Studio series that I created since 2007 when I returned to Syracuse University Full Time to finish my original BFA Studio Arts Program. Studio Arts was a Multi Genre Art Program where students explore three mediums in their studio assignments.

 I first noticed BASQUIAT'S influence in around 2004 when I went to see a Graduate Show at S.U.N.Y. Albany in albany, NY. It was the worst show I have ever seen...
a Depressing Basquiat Vulture Show...

Basquiat was huge by then in Fine Art Circles and the Pop Art Circles. At SUNY Albany I saw pure appropriation focussing on dark and disturbing imagery. It was obvious that a lot of people thought they could capitalize on the craze that his death caused. It was also obvious that these Graduates sold themselves out and never recognized the Fine Art aspect of Basquiat's Revolutionary Imagery. It took a while for Basquiat to appeal to me. I saw the classical painting and his genius use of text and texture...his spontaneousness....the Color. I watched all of the movies, began to study his work closely and to understand his unique way of seeing. I know from experience that if you work a lot and your funds are limited, you end up painting over a lot of work and you also over work paintings in layers which happens for a variety of reasons including depth or just change of feelings about a piece. Part of Basquiat's unique imagery lies in how obsessed he was with each is like a continuous story and purging of emotion.

These pieces are a series where I didn't try to copy his style directly. I use my pen and ink drawings as a base of design and then the idea was to just freestyle write text and add color with no end in mind. I would simply go through the series and rewrite, cross out, and color over previous text or design Always looking for a point where I thought I could take the image no further. Basquiat did this and I know what it's like to ponder in the studio.

In carrying an influence I always keep my signature and add "Energy" from my influences that reflect what I see as effective imagery. So since these works are not my usual mode of painting, they have served as studio research for when I begin to paint on larger pieces. I carry elements of the influence that way. Basquiat's work is Cerebral and unique to his lifestyle and personal propensities. HE was "Obsessive" in the Studio. Those repetitive image signatures are his thought process. He cannot be copied effectively but his influence lives on powerfully.

To Waver is to  - to vacillate irresolutely between choices
Fluctuate in opinion , allegiance, or direction



Empress G'Huh...?   Empress G'Huh...?  Empress G'Huh...?  

Empress G'Huh?

...and fearing for their lives...///...?

... got me fucked up!

Baseline People Series / 2009
New Generation At the Scene of the Crime
Pen & Ink, Color Markers, Paint Pen & Jel Pen

La Diab'lique / Cash Madam
Hatian / Ekbe-Ekbo Nigerian Folklore - 2009

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