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 in the popular realm, people recognize his revolutionary imagery, but...Basquiat was a "Painter"

...the style in these drawings are influenced by the total freedom and irreverence that was a hallmark of the work of the late Jean Michael Basquiat. Part social criticism, parody and mainly an influence based focus on expression and reexpression. There was no end game, just a point that the drawing ceased. composition and use of text is mainly stylistic. The words are directed to a message but it is intentionally unsophisticated compred to Basquiats Cerebral use of text. For me the words are abstract marks and color. 

Basically this approach to drawing / painting is an abstract sensibility although it is pictorial. The over layering is what obscures the whole pictorial sense and makes the composition more of a blend of texture, color and marks. A main difference in my work is that I first put down a central image and then text that is readable...then Ibegan to over write, cross out, over paint and re letter to form the layered / textural sense of this image style.

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...All they want is PUSSY...

Madame OochkaNow and Frederick   2009

...Sir...I Be LADY>>>...

...Sweet Pussy   2009

La DiaBless   2009

Ah'She Go    2009


.. You want Me to WHAT ?    2009

... "Me Pregnant"...   2009

... Sup'a Woman Don't...   2009

... She was a GOOD RINGER ...   2009

... Bych Om'on Fleek!   2009