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 C.l.a.n.d.o.u.  Rhythm
Drums  of  distinction

...hand  Made   percussion  by Story  Master


Conga Made from Recycled 

Rum Kegs in Dominican Republic / Haiti 

... The Craftsmen who made these drums are Grass Roots People

...their use of available Wood and Hard Ware make a Drum that is not Commercial Aesthetically. No polished Chrome just basic range of tightening of hardware. The sheer weight of these Drums make them desirable in the traditional sense. 

...They are strong in the wide range of Deep Voiced African Beat Patterning. Economic sizing of the 3 drum set keep it traditional in the possibilities of True Quinto, Conga, Tumbadora. The Tumba is narrow, but the head is wide enough to produce a true Tumba sound. Weight and the Dense Keg wood are what  makes these drums produce rich tones.

....I no longer make Drums of this standard size out of fine hard woods for myself...

The Drums expand and contract with Climate and Heads will Crack. It doesn't create a Problem. 

Sometimes the Crack will give a Unique Buzz sound to the tone which may be kept. General, Most of the Box Drums that I make are out of Pine. The Heavier drums 

are good for Musicians who play with other instrumentation. 

...above Drums are Cherry Wood
Custom Made in 1995 by a Local Albany, N.Y.  Cabinet Maker by my Design
Mahogany Head / Wood Burned Orisa Design
Medium and Large Drums are unfinished - Deep Bass Center

See "Ako Dun Academy"
my School of Cross Diaspora
Hand Drumming & Drum Craft
on Face Book

Original Fiber Glass LP Conga

Purchased in 1975, Syracuse , N.Y.

Long history as a Performing and 

Class Instruction Instrument. Has a Naturally 

Cured Cow Hide on it now - Will retouch Painted areas

Big Base Djembe - Inquire

...originally made to be a Marching / Performing Drum

Carved from Pine which is unusual for a Big Djembe.

 The original log was 20+ inches wide which was perfect for a big base drum of this type with a 16 inch wide head after tapering. The neck and base are super wide. It could have been carved thicker in the bowl, but that would have made the drum too heavy. It would be a sit Down Drum. The weight that it is allows it to be played  Standing with a harness.

The Drum as it is is played heated with fire, Then it has a Sharp edge Crack for soloing and a Deep Sharp Bass Tone in the center.The drum has been headed  three other times, each differently...If a Percussionist is interested in a Unique double headed drum, this shell would be perfect for a Djembe styled Djun Djun with a double head to be played with sticks. 

Big Ashiko Set for W. African Samba

Big Drums - Slat Pine Construction 

with Double Tuning System 

Small Ashiko 

A well seasoned mid range tone with Deep Bass Center 

Mixed Hardwood Slat construction. Loose wrapped Green String is a temporary Tuning system to tighten the drum and raise and sharpen the pitch when necessary.

Brown Drum ( White String ) is a stationary Tuned Bass.

...these Drums were meant to capture the Deep Register in African Tones, The Stationary Bass is a Deep but Edgy Bass.

3 Piece Bata Set 

Hand Carved in 1995 in Cropseyville, N.Y.

Poplar Wood with Wood Burned Design

Naturally Cured Domestic Cow Hide

Adamo Middle Bata Drum

Hand Carved / 1995 - Poplar Wood

Nigerian Yoruba Body Style

Mahogany Itotele Bata Drum

Afro Cuban Body Style

Lathe Carved in the Dominican Republic / Haiti

Heading & Wood Burned Designs 

on Shell by Dean Story Master

Inquire if interested

Kudi'Okele - Ako Bata

Afro Cuban Styled Bata Drums

Oconcolo / Left 

Itotele / Right 

Carved in 1995 / Poplar Wood

Hand Coiled Rims

Iya Afro Cuban Styled Bata Drum

Carved in 1995 / Poplar Wood

Hand Coiled Rims

Cow Skin Djun Djun

Mid Range Tone / Adjustable

Heads are Hand Stitched to Hoops

& Woven onto Drum Shell

32 Anchors each side. 

Mali Styled Short Djembe

Mali Goat Skin Head

Perfect Harnessed Walking Drum

made in 2004 

Okele Bata Drum

Carved in 1995 / Red oak wood

O.C.R. Collection

Kudi Bata Drum

Carved in 1995 / Cherry Wood

O.C.R. Collection

Above 4...Basic Free Style Cajon Construction from Cut Lumber

...when making Standard Sized Drums, Cuts of Lumber are left over that fit together easily for Smaller Drums. Each has it's own Unique Drone ( Dull or Sharp ) Tone.
larger Drums can be finished many ways for varying Tones and Bass.

Multi Tone Box Drum
2 Hi / Lo Tones Each Side


...interested in my experimental instruments?

inquire @ [email protected]
...great tones and Textures...