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AW'OYA  ...


Shango was a Mythical King ( OBA ) in Yoruba land, West Africa. HE was a tempestuous personality >But he is the Composite Orisha ( Deity ) Owner of the Drum, the Dance, Diving, Medicine  and the Personification of Ostentation. Oriaha are Warriors of Spirit and aspects of Olodumare the Creator of the Universe. In Yoruba Land, Jakuta is the Owner of Fire. With the advent of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Shango like Yemanja the Divine Mother of Orisa, manifested a change in his roles and elemental persona. In Diaspora, Shango was given dominion over Fire - to defeat Ogun the God of Iron - the Fierce Warrior >by his equally tempestuous Lover Oya, Goddess of the Wind and Rain. Shango and Ogun competed for the affections of Oya. Shango became the God of Fire, Lightening and Thunder In the New World.  Shango and Oya are bound as Fire, Lightening, Wind and Rain. As forces of Nature, they represent a formidable image and personification meant to imprint mankind with their energy. Orisa are the Divine examples of NATURE and Will. Shango's essential energy was instrumental in regenerating and continuing Yoruba Spirituality in many forms during Slavery. In my practice i call him "Xngo D'Ina" the Savior..."Shango Alafino" the Umbrella or the older "Sango'Dina"...the Protector


Sango D'Ina  2012 / The Thunder ( Fire )

"OGUN"    2012

God of Iron / Fierce Warrior

"Oko'Ya"  2012 ( 3 double panels )

Orisa Oko is the Woods and the Canopy ( Flora & Tree Tops )

Oya Niger Mother of Nine 

Goddess of the Winds and the 9 Tributaries of the Niger River

Nigeria, West Africa

"Shango'ya"  2012
 The Union of Shango and Oya in the Sky

"Oya Kali" The Tearer   2012

"Oya" Mistress of the Cemetary   2012

Garden of Souls...