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Awo Ogbon Orisa

These Orisha drawings stem from my many years of freestyle drawing where I free associate themes into my compositions. These are based in abstraction as intent. Exploring texture, form, symbolism, line shading and depth VS light. Having a knowledge of Orisha Folklore acts as a base of confidence in drawing freely without planning because the object in the end is the general theme of Orisha Character. The universality of the symbolism keeps the theme focus on Orisha, though the style is abstraction and figurative abstraction. These drawings are not traditionally African except in their narrative and symbolism...the Composition is based in modernism.

I did not have all of this worked out when I completed my BFA Degree full time in 2007. There was a bit of disagreement as to what Genre I was working in. One professor who I did not have for classes suggested that I identify with Modernism, but I already had my orientation and I chose Neo Expressionism. I worked for the first time on Canvas, ideas that were done on fabric 17 years earlier. This series came in the midst of a large series of drawings and paintings on a small scale. Some were as little as 2" X 4". You can see them on the drop down as
NeoAfro Abstraction 3.

I differentiate between these drawings and the more Iconic type also featured here on the drop down. This type is free association and more of an exercise in textural possibilities and forms. 
The forms are Sculptural because they are centered in texture, planes, edges and depth.

When I do larger more complicated pieces, this practice allows infinite possibilities in creating images because you develop a consciousness of working with line, form and texture.

Shango / Yemanja Oshun 2009

IYALODE - 2009

Oya Niger - 2009

Yemanja Olokun - 2009

Osun D'Ina - 2009

Omi Shango - 2009

Sacred /Twins "Ibeji" / Taiwo & Kehnde

Fish" - 2009

Yemanja Oshun - 2009