Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
(C) Awo

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(C) Neo Afro /  Afroneo   Abstraction

Folkloric   design

Multi Piece Compositions

Chief of White Cloth 2007 / Collage on Gessoed Corrugated Card board

Trail of Tears  2007   Figurative Abstraction Study / Acrylic on Masonite

Influence form my Scratch Board drawings of the early 70's. I used this technique in my Junior and Senior paintings when I returned to Syracuse University in 2005 - 2007. Quite a few students including Grad Students found them selves copying this textural signature.

Abstract Brush Line to Texture Study 

Class Drawing exercise with the object of creating a "Composition"

based on "Random variations of Marks"  2006 / Acrylic on Paper

O'Dina ( Onile ) The Eternal Earth 2007 / Acrylic on Masonite ( Composition )

Paint Board ( Composition )   2007 / Acrylic on Masonite

Digital reproduction - The Magic of Coincidental Design from several Small Paintings

Abstract Mask ( Composition )  2006 / 2007 / Acrylic and Paper Towel Collage

La Tierra ( Compsition )   2007  /  Water Based Oil Paint