Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
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Community Folk Arts Central... Art  Moves!


Barry R Irving aka Dean Story Master 

Rural Cropseyville, NY. Renssalaer County 1995 / 96

(C) Neo  Afro  Folkloric
Top  Wear

The Ultimate Street Gear Straight From NYC by Dean Story Master


I am a Neo Expressionist Painter...

Painting on Clothing bought my Painting style to perfection because my foundation is in Drawing.

 Drawing is very controlled and drawing with paint takes the painting experience to the Line and Marks. 

On Canvas, Board or a Wall I am projecting my Folkloric Culture 

as a mirror for my self but also 

as a tool for people who are seeing in the Creative. 

On Clothing I am Designing and Adorning the Body. 

On Clothing the 2 dimensional Flat Composition becomes a 

3 Dimensional Sculpture that adds to the creative demeanor of the Wearer

Night Moves 2006 / Acrylic on Corrugated Card Board