The Art of Dean Story Master
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(C) NeoAfro  / Abstraction

Foundations of form Experimental Series of Drawings
loosely depicting 
the Elements of Air, Iron, Earth, Stone & Water

In Pen and Ink Cross Hatching I often use Brown or Rust Brown Ink with Black. The Brown gives  Warmer Deep Shading and a Softer line edge. 

Drawing is a way of Seeing in Art Language Terms ...What you see is what you see what you "make"...
Seeing and inter[reting what you see are two different things. The Master Artist can visualize a whole piece...then create it on canvas in one or more variations from the original vision. That is because along with understanding the Terms that reflect "drawing understanding"...or how you render an image, the Master, the Professional or even the practiced novice can execute a painting with the use of less Search ( experimentation ) and more Statement with the medium and it's properties. Of course if your way is to search out an image...? you still do that with the skills you have acquired from "Observation",  natural talent and as always  the happy coincidences, Magic Mistakes & Divine Mishaps  of searching.


In Fine Arts, Drawing, like the terms > "ART" >"Painting" & "Sculpture" are subjective terms that can mean a wide variety of approaches, styles, mediums"AND MINDSETS" / OPINIONS. Everything "done" or described has a context that validates it or NOT!
Personal Opinion is another descriptor that many times invalidates the "actual" personal opinion on terms that are LANGUAGE BASED is not the best reference for broad terms like Art. 

Drawing is the main pillar of every Visual Art form . I can make a dozen quick examples of what Art is in a definitive way, but when you say ART IS! and you are an individual with an opinion? Then that is what art is to YOU!. The Craft, the Genre, the Industry, the Schooled and studied professionals have as many alternate opinions. It's a long story but a drawing can be a painting by 

1. Intent ...2. Association ... 3. Artist's license...   "Art" is by Nature >Conceptual...

Figurative Abstraction / Pen and Ink 2009
IYANSAN / OYA NIGER - Mother of the Winds and Rain
Patroness of the Niger River, Nigeria W. Africa


Form Study / Untitled Abstraction #1

The Throne '09

MATRIX RISING  Series 2009



Asesun / The Water Table   2012



Legacy / Yemoyale

Osun Andala