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(C) Dean Story Master 2019

A Portfolio of Show pieces from my Street Art Paintings
From 2005 - 2008

Detail of Nana 2 Stoneware Vessel


When I recieved my BFA degree in 2007 from Syracuse University, I chose to explore
Expressionist Painting. For the record, I was working in the Neo Expressionist Genre which is the period after the Abstract Expressionist works of the Modern Art Movement.
Of those I have many influences but chose to concentrate on Pointillism ( Seurat - French Impressionist )
My Splatter Dash Painting which is heavily influenced by American Abstractionist Jackson Pollack. My difference is in 1. Brighter Color 2. Smaller Scale and 3. I write and splatter, using finger / wrist control where Pollack large scale paintings are arm to hand and he moves his whole body over an area where I have everything in my composition at arms reach while sitting.

...of my most used trio of Genres ...Pointillism and Drip / Splash Painting were often combined with African Textile Design and Folkloric Symbols from the  W. African Yoruba Continental
and Diaspora Traditions of Design. I executed 60 paintings for my Junior Senior Year and though those works were my most ambitious painting projects, I perfected my Neo expressionist Style on Painted Clothing, mainly T- Shirts, Dresses and Jackets

Painting on Non Traditional Materials...