The Art of Dean Story Master
  3 D T  Shirt Collectors Series

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(C) Dean Story on this page represent my Classic hand painting style started in N.Y.C. in 1990.

They are elaborately detailed and densely colored. 

An inspired piece (time and materials allowing ) can have up to 20 different shades and colors. 

These types have been purchased by people around the U.S and the World.

I sold regularly up till 2009 ( E. and W. Greenwich Village and The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Plaza )

Since then, the Street ART SCENE was demolished by the insensitivity of N.Y.'s 

Mayor Giuliani who wanted it gone. There were some solvable righteous issues by City officials,

 but their general attitude of criminality towards Street Artists

 ( who had Supreme Court mandated N.Y.S. Tax Authority and operated VERY professionally ) 

was a constant threat to our lively hoods and work which could be confiscated.

So N.Y.C. Police just reduced to a fragment one of the oldest

Free speech / expression Venues of New York City's  Culturally rich history.

Hand Painted String Tops

All Works for Sale...This is a Street Art Collection...Smaller Sizes...many uses. Most are in the Small / Medium Size Range. Because you can get low Closeout prices in any Borough of NYC, these petite sizes have a sizable market range of Athletic types who buy them.
The Met Museum Plaza where I last sold always had Models and Advante Garde types who were my main customers. There was also a changing International Tourist Market month to month along the Central Park / Met Museum Area of 5th Avenue. Sold my First piece there in 1979.

 Machine Washable Drip Dry...Long Lasting, Durable, Water Proof...
[email protected] or message me @ Barry R Irving on FB for more info...

I have a Degree in Painting from an International School of Art at a Major University. My Genre was Neo Expressionism, which I called "Afro'Neo" . Afro Neo is Afro Centric Modernism based on African and European Genres of the past and Present. I used influences from my African Teacher Leroy Clarke ( Chief Ifa Oje Won Yomi Abiodun )
as well as Jackson Pollack, Seurat and others over 3 decades 
NEVER let it be said that an Art Degree is Worthless! Clear Advantage on the Streets was my Education when talking to Art Industry Professionals, models, World Travelers and the Affluent who Spend a great deal of time at the Museum. I met many interesting individuals to whom
MY ART is worn, hung on walls, in closets as closet Art and even Framed or Remade...
I find it gratifying after all my years of study that my work can move beyond mere craft and embrace the Classic and the Classical...Fine Art...

...Thank for viewing Story Master Classics
e mail me @ [email protected] for more info...