Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
(C) Awo

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Early Afro Neo Drawings


Spirit of Growth Series - 1973

The Birth of my Neo Afro Afro / Afroneo Abstraction is in this early Scratch Board Series. The design elements which didn't develop until into the latter 2000's became my unifying signatures that crossed several of my genres. By Then I had my Education / Research complete and began tying together and documenting periods in the studio, periods in the field / Gallery, Museum Shows,  Art Education & Performance.

In Earth Movement and the Spirit of Growth, my concentration on the figure moved to the face and the mask. But most of he thrust was design, light affect and spatial alignment. Over the years my work took on patterned composition akin to my own Motif Based Golden Mean = The Perfect Composition Format. A Natural inbred Balance. Because my work began to take on a Spiritual / Narrative tone. I began to adopt Metaphysical Symbolism and In a number of years, my work began to exhibit distinct right and left sides. So different works cold be easily combined as panels. The reason that developed is because the free form style that I used kept images in a continuous flow, like one continuous drawing

African Child / 1972

Spirit of Growth Series  / 1972 / 73

These Abstract Panels are some of the Style motifs I used as backdrop fields on Larger Figurative works...

ABSTRACTION is the unifying element between figurative statements and pure abstract > where nothing human in form or recognition is present in the composition. 

Kawo D'Ina Ase ( Itola ) - 1974

Spirit of Growth Series / 1072 - 73

The Mask Series 1972 - 75