Arts of Barry R Irving
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Early Afro Neo Drawings


Spirit of Growth Series - 1973

The Birth of my Neo Afro Afro / Afroneo Abstraction is in this early Scratch Board Series, which didn't develop literally and philosophically until into the latter 2000's. By Then I had my Education / Research complete and began tying together and documenting periods in the studio, periods in the field / Gallery, Museum Shows,  Art Education & Performance together. 

In Earth Movement and the Spirit of Growth, I explored the figure but most of he thrust was design, light affect and 

spacial alignment. Over the years my work took o patterned composition akin to my own African Based Golden Mean =

 The Perfect Composition Format. A Natural inbred Balance. Because my work began to take on a Spiritual / Narrative tone

 I began to adopt Metaphysical Symbolism and In a number of years, my work began to exhibit distinct right and left sides. So different works cold be easily combined as panels. I only began to present Flip Side Works together on this site in 2019.

African Child / 1972

Spirit of Growth Series  / 1972 / 73

These Abstract Panels are some of the Style motifs I used as backdrop fields on Larger Figurative works...

Kawo D'Ina Ase - 1974

Spirit of Growth Series / 1072 - 73

The Mask Series 1972 - 75

This is a piece that heavily influenced my later Color Design, Drawings and Paintings.