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I The  Beginn ing ...


One of my oldest and poplar works ( Digitally Enhanced ) from my Single Genre Graphics days.
My first major works were Pen and Ink, Casein Color, Color Pencils & #2 Pencil...

This piece was made from a photo out of Ebony Magazine of a Baptism in a Lake...the same way Slaves were introduced to Christianity ... This is Southern Church Tradition, Passionate!
...almost everyone who saw this piece played to the surroundings of the Ghetto which is Urban, but this scene was Rural and the Man and His Son are Dripping Wet in Spiritual Ecstasy from the Lake.
The energy is Ecstatic...but seen as pain... /

"XXX'taSee" / 2012


...I studied Traditional Advertising based Illustration along with Advertising Production Technology at the High School of Art and Design in NYC. 57th Street was Gallery Row in the late 60's and we were on 57th and Second Ave.
 I visited many Galleries after school and once I wandered into a restoration gallery and watched an expert carefully restore small 1+ inch squares which he mapped out. I watched him for an hour before he turned and saw me. We talked and I was on my way. Another time a Gallery near Madison Ave had an exhibition of Salvatore Dali and it featured his famous monumental paintings including Christ on the Cross which is a great influence in my work. I was wandering down 57th Street and then I saw the sign and couldn't believe it. That was a once in a life time Big ART sighting that I just happened to wander by and see. Inside itwas like a could hear a pin drop 

Since HS, the Xacto Blade has been an every day tool. It's essential in Old School Advertising.
The works on this page are an extension of what I lesrned in Advertising & Illustration Class. The object was to construct a composition made of fine cut segments of photographs. In the professional arena you would have a photographer take pictures or you take them we learned basic Photo Lab too because we did several projects that involved photography.

"Hedo"   Makonde   Series

... In these works I am more expressive with my cuts and I sometimes use rough or torn edges which I never did in  Advertising & Illustration which was taught as a double Genre.
I chose Expressive Art so I straddle the design principles of Fine Edge Illustration and Expressive Collage which has a different INTENT. Advertising is a shallower look at a is meant to sell an idea or product or send a message. Fine Art is about the medium chosen. Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, you express in the medium. So in HS there was a rigid line between the Painters, Graphic Artists and Sculptors as Fine Artists versus the Advertising and Illustration Genre.

The Abstract Expressionist movement changed that separation of distinction by crossing all borders in past known popular Genres. Artists like Andy Warhol's work - among others like Jean Michel Basquiat changed the value and the social orientation towards the Illustration Genre. The new school used both the painterly edge and the fine edge.

Osun D' Ina /  The Rain
In the Beginning when We were Made...

Life Turns...