Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
(C) Awo

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(C) Neo
Afro    Folk   Craft

Conceptual Wood Company

Established 1979, Syracuse Mall, Syracuse, N.Y.

Down Town Under Ground / Village Square Artisian's and Craftsmen's Guild

Hand Carved / Painted

Herb Pipe& Walking Staff

Hand Carved Meerschaum and Briar Wood Pipes


Left - Hand Carved / Painted Walking Staff

Right - Hand Carved  

 Pen and Ink Illustrated

Walking Staff 1984 / 1985

Hand Carved Apple Wood Mask Pendant 1985

 Hand Carved Walking Sticks

Above Right - Hand Carved Vessels

Hand Carved Apple Wood Vessel - 1981 / 82

Carved with High Speed Rotary Cutter and Hand Refined with Needle Files

Hand Carved Hard Wood

Ornamental Spears /  1979

High Speed Cut

Hand Carved Bone and Apple Wood

original  CLANDOU  rhythm

Drms of Distinction / Established 1995

Cropseyville, N.Y.  / Renssalaer County

Hand Carved, Maple Wood 

 Iya Ilu Bata 1995

Vintage Gon Bops Conga  / Wood Burnt Design 2001

Converted Trap Snare Drum Shell - 1995

with Hand Painted Cover and Hand Strung Heading

Converted Rogers Trap Drum Shells - 1996

Hand Painted Fabric /Traditional Heading

Bass ( IYA ) Cajon Bata Drum 1996

Cajon = Box

Story Master Classics 

Established 1989, New York City

Hand Painted Spandex Jump Suits 2017

Designer Thrift Shop

Established 2015, West Onondaga St

Downtown Syracuse, New York