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Community Folk Arts Central... Art  Moves!


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3 Month Long Exhibit Featring ...

Five African American Artists and a Multi Percussionist

Adult Disposable 

......................Washable Face Masks.........................

Cloth Masks - Thick and Medium

Winter Cloth Masks with Ventilator

Foam Masks With Ventilators

Original Hand Painted Designs


by Barry R. Irving aka Dean Story Master

( Metallic )  Hand Painted  Mask  $20

Hand  Painted

KN 95   Face   Masks

Washable / One of a Kind

Large Variety

Contact 315 956 8204
[email protected]

Unless other wise noted, All Designs on this website are the "Original Intellectual / Visual Property"

of (C) Barry R Irving / (C) / (C) NeoAfro/Afroneo Folkloric Arts /

 Awo Ogbon Orisa - 2021 preceding to 1970

Barry R Irving / Sango'D'ina



Hand Painted  Masks





These Masks are made from "Dimensional" and Puff "Paints" which give a raised or "Relief" affect.

Puff Paints are craft media as opposed to Art Media which has a less plastic surface and is generally "Opaque" as opposed to Puff Paint's "Translucent" qualities. Puff paints do come in "Opaque" or "Matt" finish which is "Non Glossy".

Flip Side - Above Right

I established my Street Art brand "Story master"  in the West Village ( 1990 ) on E. 4th St & Sixth Ave at night ( Near Rucker Park ) 

or E. Broadway in the West 4th St area. I became legal with a tax authority as a Street License at The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Plaza ( & Central Pk West from 79th St to 82nd St & Fifth Ave ) I had more daily success there because i had a system of production and a place to sell all day. mu average works ( Hand Painted T Shirts ) sold for $15 - $35. My best works sold for up to $200. and my top sale was $450 for one of my Long T Shirts. These KN95 Face Masks are Fine Art from my Community Art Expressions which i share. Each line or beaded dot you see has 2 - 3 ;layers......I am a painter...I paint on clothing...

Street Art In NYC is Highly Competitive...

.............THE OBJECT WAS TO STAND OUT.............

You need to be "Interesting"

... Start the conversation with a greeting

 keep the conversation going with what you know about ...

"Know Your Craft" 



The Red Black and Green

is not a Fad, it reflects the History of Struggle of People of Color

Hand Painted Face Mask & Drawing / Collage
from my Awo Obon Orisa Series

One of my Face Masks that I wear...

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Disposable  /  Washable

Adult   Face   Masks

$100  each

Deluxe Face Mask with Ventilators
& 2 PM 2.5 Filters
 Ear Loop and Neck Strap
Only One Black Mask Left 50% off - $10.00

Mouth and Nose Cup Respirator

... "gives you room to breathe"

and makes mask fit more snug...

( Fits most Masks ) 

50 cent ea.

Minimum 2 pcs Purchase

Changes a Disposable / Washable Mask into a 3D Mask just slip it inside over your nose and mouth...

$1.00 Adult Sets

dult Insulated Winter Mask
with Ventilator & Adjustable Ear Loops

Can be worn with a single or double 

PM 2.5 Filter - 2 filters included

13 piece "Summer White" Set

3 Mattan 100% Cotton "Full Face" Face Masks

10 Pack of Fitted PM 2.5 Filters

"Double Up" this Summer for "Safety"

Washable  Cloth   Masks

Print  and  Solid  Color
 .........Washable  /  Disposable   Masks .........

$1.00  ea. /  6  for  $5

Hand  Painted  Face  Masks

$5.00  - $20. 00   each