Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
(C) Awo

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Living Color   

Neo Expressionism

( Figurative ) Abstract Expressionism Genre

... My Interests in Art and my own artistic expression started with my Father’s artwork ...
  ... his invaluable critique became my main source of guidance.

"Sawoo ... Ibu Ayaye" 

"Behold the place where we come to for LIFE 

... what we say to ourselves when we connect with Divine energy ...

Artists have a unique view into the INNER SELF ...

The realm where we shape who we are as we see ourselves ... 

and keep our faith with the almighty...


YOU can cut a Gash in a TREE and it will not BLEED...

The Gash will just Transform into a Beautiful Scar ~ 


...comments by Dean Story Master 

... Colors speak Passion. The Color Black is the hard line, the deep shade, the depth ...

Black is said the be " THE ABSENCE OF COLOR" ... color is a term and terms have contexts.

Black the color is not a part of the European Color palette. But in Black American Art, the Black Line, Tone and "Color"

are essential. So there, the theory of color that you learn in traditional art school is not irrelevant but a choice.

The Absence of Black as a color is a European "Fine Art" Cannon. In my Art School days, I studied Advertising and Illustration which relies heavily on the Black line and color because it gives the highest pictorial resolution by depth. In advertising and illustration, pictures are meant to speak ( advertise ) and stand out ( high Visibility

In the 60's, the schools of Fine Art and Illustration were strictly separate theories of imagery, composition and design.

 That was so in my school and the use of Black was one of the primary distinctions that separated the schools. 

The other main distinction was "intent". Advertising is about "attraction" to a product in the commercial sense. 

Fine Art is about the Genre based cannons ta make up each studio art. Where Illustration relies heavily on the hard edge for sharp resolution and "print  / reprint reproduction", Fine Art prefers the "Painterly" edge that may fade, or be fuzzy or hazed. What almost every modern Photographer does today to excess is to use digital filters and shade / tone control to haze over photographs or adjust lighting. That is in a sense, what The European color palette does with images it takes the hard edge off of images substituting Black for Dark Blue, Brown, Indigo ... almost any dark shade. 

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Master of The Forest...

Kali sits at the Top of a Hill ... Up in a Tree ...

on a Rocky Landing ...

and waits ...

HE is there for a Reason ~ ! 

Oko ( the forest Canopy ) is his Roof

Onile ( the Earth ) is his Ground to Walk ...

Iroko ( the Sacred Trees ) are the Pillars of His House ...

He knows the Pathways ... and what goes on ~!

Yemo'Sun / La tierra 


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Oro'Ina ...Primal Earth ...

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