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" Nana" 2

Glazed Terra Cotta Clay

Built @ Comart Studios, Syracuse University 2007

This was my first Big Pot ( Height and Volume ) most of my classes were based in Wheel Throwing because that was the class that my preferred Professor in Ceramics taught. I also took a couple of Hand Building classes which is where my Sculpture Expertise came in. This is a Carved Slab Pot. I couldn't wheel spin a Pot this large but I could hand build one This was my most successful  Sculpture Pot that I created when I finished my BFA in Painting in 2007. 

I minored in Ceramics, not officially, but actually by taking as many as 2 Studio Elective Classes per Semester 

and a 6 Credit Graduate course in my Senior Year. 

Nana is sitting on a Maple Wood Cajon ( Box Drum )

 ...this segment of Nana 2 features my signature (C) Neo Afro Modern Graphic Designs. That style started with Pen and Ink on Paper and developed over 20+ years of free style drawing using Traditional W. African inspired Designs. 

The Cajon  Designs have the same flow in Linear movement. But the Pot's basic drawn Cuts / Designs, Which are the Language that holds the "Narrative" are Refined completely through and taken to an implied 3 Dimensional affect - around the Drum.  The Cajon's designs may or may not be finished because the designs are "Markings" created by "Percussion'...Mallet on Chisel Handle...

It is a Drum first and represents "Iborashe" ( Spiritual Warrior", Desciple ) > Hunter / Warrior / Bush Spirit / Messenger. These are Metaphors of Power that relate to my approach to Traditional African Music & Percussion > From an African American experience &

 the Theological / Philosophical aspects of the Drum ( Ayan ) in Popular Diaspora Culture and Spirituality

 So the Designs on a Drum are a form of meditation or reflection that is added to when ever felt. My work always escapes a one dimensional description because it is "Authentic Diaspora, Folkloric Expression" - coming from a Home Culture in NYC and informed by decades of ( Studio Work )  visual and academic and Professional Experiejnce. The Real Life Balance to the ""FOLKLORIC" culture presented in Books and Videos is my involvement and connection to a Traditional Diaspora Yoruba Community.