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Narrative    Portraits

His Purple Majesty

( Digitally Enhanced Image
(C) Dean Story Master ( 2019 )
Original - Acrylic and Prisma Color Pencil 

Drawing is a Pillar ... Drawing is Seeing...

University Drawing Class "Life Drawing" Assignments from a live model ...
This portion of the Painting class was about drawing the Traditional Ocular Bust...
Class is 4 hours long...I took digital photos from the scene and finished in my Studio. 
Most of this class work was discarded because it was only done for practice. These pieces were some of the better ones which I then develop into character portraits. Besides preferring to finish works in private, my eyesight is bad at long distances and with 30 students drawing on painting easels, you either get there early and get in front or you have to take a more distant approach to getting the image. Although this work is not my Cultural or general visual orientation > to make portraits with no message, I drew or painted these models several times so they are part of my studio work in a significant way. They clearly show how I paint the face...! University Art School you research / study one or more Genres and produce work in those areas > So the study is about both Fine Art History and the field of Fine Art.
Studio Work is Research just as Writing and Reading are areas of Research.

 Abstract Expressionistic
Abstracted forms, Planes, Lines, Edges...

Surrealist / Dreamworld
Charcoal and Pencil W Smudge Stick
and Kneaded Eraser

Ocular Bust Portrait / Classical Portraiture
 Prisma Color Pencil and Acrylic on Textured Paper

Open Class Studio Timed Pose Sketches
Made into Expressive Portraits Later in my Studio from memory. There is a lot more work in the after class session because I picked these sketches to elaborate on freestyle.

"Sketch" Approaches to the Ocular Bust Pose
Pencil, Prisma Color Pencil and Acrylic 2007

In Fine Art A Model is a Guide - "Likeness" is a matter of "Intent"

When using Media Photos for a model, your created image is only as good as the picture's resolution unless you rebuild the photo using the principles of light, shadow, line, depth.
This is a photo probably from Ebony Magazine where I got most of my early references from
It depicts James Meredith on the day he entered ( integrated ) the University of Mississippi
escorted by Federal Marshalls. I didn't attempt to copy the photo but instead
interpreted the situation using selected parts of the photo.

I also intended to use a realistic but sketchy effect that has an unfinished / first draft effect. There were also other pieces in the collection revolving around Civil Rights. There was a 4 X 8 Ft mural of MLK from one of his quotes called "Say I was a Drummer for Justice"...There was an ocular Bust
 ( featured in "Paintings" on this site's header ) of Abraham Lincoln called "Unfinished Business".
All works in this series was painted with Reddish Brown House Paint.
The Symbol of the color is the Tint of Oxidized Blood and the saying