Arts of Barry R Irving
(C) Neo Afro
(C) Afroneo
Neo Afro Genre
(C) Awo

Community Folk Arts Central... Art  Moves!


Narrative    Portraits

His Purple Majesty

Ocular Bust Portrait ( Digitally Enhanced Image
(C) Dean Story Master ( 2019 )
Original - Acrylic and Prisma Color Pencil 

Drawing is a Pillar ... Drawing is Seeing... University Art School you research / study one or more Genres and produce work in those areas > So the study is about both Fine Art History and the field of Fine Art. Studio Work is Research just as Writing and Reading are areas of Research.

Figurative Abstract Expressionist
Abstracted forms, Planes, Lines, Edges...

Surrealist / Dreamworld

Charcoal and Pencil W Smudge Stick
and Kneaded Eraser

Ocular Bust Portrait / Painting
 Classical Portraiture

 Prisma Color Pencil and Acrylic on Textured Paper

Open Class Studio Timed Pose Sketches

Made into Expressive Portraits Later in my Studio from memory. 
There is a lot more work don't in the after class session because I picked these sketches to elaborate on freestyle.

These 2 are not my example of GOOD LIKENESSES...I was drawing from a distance ( 10' - 15' ) and my view changed several times to the left or right. I struggled to see detail and was just too far away. So I finish what I can in class and I take these 2 examples ( because they are basically sound sketches - but not a portrait likeness!... > rather a characterization based on
  familiarity ( observation )  I could discard them but at that point, "likeness" is abandoned and "character detail" as well as "abstract anatomy" is focused on. So you build a face from memory. Technically I can say that there are inaccuracies, but they only apply to likeness / > "likeness" is irrelevant to the studio "Practice" of solving a persona >to get a realistic face with >stylized portions of anatomy and painted areas >that cover for what would be considered to be an inaccuracy if I were doing a commissioned portrait. This is what a Studio Artist does...use the model creatively as a guide.

Class Drawing ( Study ) From a Live Model 2007

Graphite Pencil. Prisma Color Pencil and Acrylic Wash