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Charicature Likeness 1972

Imamu Amiri Baraka

Pen and Ink and Collage 1972

k Douglass
Prisma Color Pencil

Heat 1968

Acrylic on Canvas

Approaches to the Ocular Bust Pose ... 
In Fine Art A Model is a Guide - "Likeness" is a matter of "Intent"

When using Media Photos for a model, your created image is only as good as the picture's resolution unless you rebuild the photo using the principles of light, shadow, line, depth. This is a photo probably from Ebony Magazine where I got most of my early references from. It depicts James Meredith on the day he entered ( integrated ) the University of Mississippi
escorted by Federal Marshalls. I didn't attempt to copy the photo but interpreted the situation using selected parts of the photo.
I also intended to use a realistic but sketchy effect that has an unfinished / first draft effect. There were also other pieces in the collection revolving around Civil Rights. There was a 4 X 8 Ft mural of MLK from one of his quotes called
"Say I was a Drummer for Justice"

All works in this series was painted with Reddish Brown House Paint.
The Symbol of the color is the Tint of Oxidized Blood and the saying

MLK 1981 - My only remaining Drawing from hundreds of portraits of "the famous" that I drew in my studio and sold on the Streets of Syracuse on the
So. Side, Kennedy Square Apartments, Mulberry Square Apartments, East Fayette St, and Salt Springs Houses. The work was done in Prisma Color Pencil on Black Crescent Board and Included figures like Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, 
 Stevie Wonder, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Ashford and Simpson and any one who was popular. I also did much work in African Design. My work sold to mostly young folks on Welfare. We made Incense which we sold in packs from 25 cents for 5 sticks to $5.00 100 stick Deluxe packs. It was a happy struggle at the time >working to sell. 
I eventually left it after 5 - 7 years to contract for Public Murals and sign Painting

D'Ina 2007
Acrylic on Masonite


The Situation Now! ( 1976 ) Acrylic on Canvas