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"O" Tapestry Mother of Invention

A selection from my Ceramics Studio Minor 2005 - 2007 

Created at Comart Ceramic Studios Syracuse University

"O'Tapestry, The Mother of Invention" is a theme from a nature study that I did in 1979 when for an extended period I walked from my home studio to my studio at the now changed over Syracuse Mall on So. Salina Street. and Washington Sts. in Down Town Syracuse. I was a member of the "Down Town Underground" ( Village square ) Artist's and Craftsmen's Group. My first studio there was Conceptual Wood Co. where i produced Walking ticks and had a small Print Gallery for my Linoleum and Wood Block Prints. I later opened Story Master Studios where I added Sculpture and featured a 16 Ft Totem Pole. My local students, Labeeb Hameed, Badr Serraj and Muscle Mike appeared regularly to work on the Totem.

O'Tapestry is the Mother Tree...named after a Giant Sycamore Tree that I visited every day on the way to my studio and back near the old Kennedy Square Apartments. The Tapestry is the Camouflage like Bark that inspired many textural and patterned motifs in my work. The symbolism predates my Orisa Art dedication but is the same archetype in nature so my African spiritual Art goes back to my beginnings.

...(C) 1979 O'Tapestry is the Earth...(C) 1979 Matrix Rising is the ( Water ) Mist as the "Finest Water", condensation, fog, steam from earth fire meeting with earth water ans water from the sea...the rain, evaporation. So the water connection in my work is strong because I recognize Earth Water, Fresh Water, Salt Water and Rain Water and mist as a continuous cycle of regenerating water that feeds the Earth and the Universe.

YEMOYALE...the Great mother of the Waters has both an Oceanic manifestation and an Earth bound One where her Water Power is Symbolic. She personifies on land as Sister Spirit to Oshun, Oya and the rest of the Feminine Orisa Archetypes, but she is the Mother of Orishas...the Mature Water where Oshun her counterpart is mainly seen as the Maiden...the Beauty...the Lover. On Earth, Yemoyale is Asesun...the Water that Springs from the Earth and the that manifestation her colors are closer to Oshun's the Earth Mother...the Feminine aspect of Ogun, the Fierce Warrior and God of Iron. Her, I portray her as The mother Tree O'Tapestry....

Mother is mother no matter what her these Feminine aspects of the Yoruba Godhead are Nature in it's complexity. They blend.