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FOUNDATIONS OF FORM 1979 ( Pine /sculpture 6'   &   OYA NIGER ( Black Oya ) 1997 / Mahoghany Relief Sculpture
Pine Wood Carving / 6' Tall (1979)..started at the First Syracuse University Spring Break on Campus. I was later worked on at the ( Syracuse Mall ) Village Square Artist's And Craftmen's Collective with three local students.

Left - Oya Niger / Black Walnut Relief Sculpture 1985 & Foundations of Form 1979 ( Detail )
... My first large scale Sculpture was finished to this stage in 1985 after being started in 1979. I did work on it in 1986 when I recieved a NYS Council n the Arts Fellowship which included a Community Residency at the Hamilton Hill Art Center in Schenectady, NY.

Yemanja Mother of the Seven Seas - Particle Board Carving 1985
...Carved in the basement of 409 Schenectady St. during my 1985 Sculpture Residency and was part of my end of Residency Exhibition in 1986. The piece is 4' X 8' and was very heavy as particle board is a Construction grade building mterial. I asked the Director if I could have it installed on the only availale wall that was large enough to hold it. It was installed in 1986. 
Yemnja is the Intellectual Property of Barry R Irving though it was installed for the purpose of "Community Viewing". After I left HHACC, I continued to work in the Greater Capital District with the C.A.S.D.A. Program and local Festivals and events as well as opening Ako Dun Academy at the Hilton Center for Performing Arts. As a Veteran Community Artist I saw no need to pull the Work and put it in storage when it was able to inspire youth every day at the center. So the Work is still my Property and belongs to my Legacy. It can never be sold or owned by any other than myself and my Family. As long as it is on view, not "MONETIZED" ... AND AVAILABLE FOR RESIDENTS OF THE AREA TO SEE...
I have no problem with the work remaining on view as a "Temporary Loan"

Yemanja 1985, on loan to the Hamilton Art Center Community

Sculpture and Wood work was a feature of my home Culture Life. When I recieved a scholarship to the Studio Museum in Harlem's print Making workshop, my teacher  Valerie J. Maynard said I would become a Sculptor. ...She determined that by looking at my Printmaking and Drawing skills.

Middle - Pine Wood Remnant of 10 Foot section of Foundations Of Form - 1979
Left - "IYA ILU" BATA  ( Mother Drum )  Right, Hand Painted Vintage LP Conga

Yemanja "The Cleanser" 1985

"Yemanja The Cleanser" - New World Diaspora Yoruba Iconic Image
Black Walnut Wood 1985 / Part of my 1985 N.Y.S. Sculpture Fellowship Exhibition and Years Work.

NANA 2 / Stoneware Vessel 2007
Part of my 2007 Senior Collection of Ceramics, Carved and Built at Comart Studios, Syracuse University

Above - Yemoyale Osun - Black Walnut Relief Carvings 1985  

Ogun the Builder / "IBORASHE" 2015 - 2017

IBORA'SHE / Spirit of the Forest / Hunter Warrior 
Stoneware, Bent Iron, Mirrors

Yemoyale - Great Mother of the Waters 
Paper Mache, beads, shells, glass, soil - 1995

Oshun Ibu Ayan 1995 Spaulted maple wood carving  - Digital Image

original CLANDOU rhythm / Ako Dun Academy
Ako Bata Drums / Red Oak and Red Mahoghany Wood
Carved at Strong Hands Farm, Cropseyville, N.Y.

Top Quad - RAGE   
1982 /  Above - MOM 2   1982 - Paper Mache Relief Sculpture and Acrylic Paintings