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Reduction Wood Block Print
Plate starts with a primary design that is cut then printed. Then the 1st design is further cut to  second and pictured up top is the final cut and print. So The plate is set up for three colors but with smaller rollers, more colors can be added in two inch wide columns.

Part of  A Grade Series / Printmaking Survey / Comart Facility, Syracuse University 2006 / 07 pays to have Pre College Study. In most cases you will recieve minimal instruction at the College level. In College you get assignments in a series. Long term and short term projects. Class Work is where you get "Critique"...not instructon. I studied Printmaking with Valerie J. Maynard who is a reknown Printmaker, Sculptor and Muralist. While at the Flag Ship Studio Museum in 1971, I produced work in Wood Block, Linoleum Block, Mono Print and Paper Lithograph. While there, 

I recieved a second scholarship to reknown Printmaker Bob Blackburn's Studio on 23rd Street in Manhattan. Many prominent Printmakers produced work there. 

I saw the first Intaglio plate that Harlem Artist Kay Brown made which took weeks. It was featured in many books on Black Artists and Female Artists. She used a variety of textures to get her image.